Gold Winner Mena Digital Awards 2019
FLC Digital is a digital engagement agency that strives on creating exciting online experiences.
FLC Digital is a digital engagement agency that strives on creating exciting online experiences.
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FLC Digital is a digital engagement agency that strives on creating exciting online experiences. We are here to assist with all your digital marketing needs, allowing you to navigate the world of digital media with ease.

We create unique strategies for our clients and ensure that brand goals are met. We promise you that you will find a team which is passionate about providing our services to fulfill your brand’s requirements. We aim to be authentic and transparent with our results, while ensuring that working with us is always valuable.

FLC Digital - a digital engagement agency
FLC Digital - a digital engagement agency
FLC Digital - a digital engagement agency


We aim to inspire conversations around your brand that will help you gain recognition, loyalty, interest and engagement that it deserves! Taking projects to the next level is what we do best, so leave communicating with your customers to us while you focus on developing products and services that they will want to talk about.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

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Interact with customers via unique dynamic content.



Initiate a plan of action with us to achieve your desired target.



Identify people who can create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand.

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We make your digital campaign come alive! Our digital team will help you elevate your brand’s presence on the digital sphere!

Get in touch with us at talk2us@flc-me.com to explore digital opportunities for your brand!

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Strategy is the backbone of every brand and we, at FLC Digital help your brand to plan, execute, measure & iterate to achieve success with our unique digital marketing ideas. We aim to build long term success, not short term hype. Find your place in the ever-changing digital space with us and we will help you understand, navigate using strategic frameworks along with consumer insights.



Social media management

We curate and post suitable content, engage with customers online, provide insights and analyze what is working and what isn’t.


We provide effective copywriting skills allowing customers to perceive your business as an industry expert while building trust and credibility


Our SEO services will help your website to show up prominently in the Google search results for terms that are most relevant to your business.


We support your marketing communications with engaging infographic, conceptualized by our design team

Media Planning

We have knowledge and support to determine the best combination of media to achieve your brand’s marketing campaign objectives to ensure you drive successful outcomes for your brand


We provide a wide range of PR activities that help your brand reach a wider audience digitally


We efficiently utilize search engine marketing to speed up your brand’s visibility and build your client base.

Content creation

We create content, both written and visual to appeal to your buyer persona and then make that information available as a blog, video, infographic, or in any other trending format.

Design Concept

We create engaging design ideas for visuals that truly stands out, keeping in mind the brand aesthetics

EDM (Email database marketing)

We deliver comprehensive customer acquisition mails that will sure to get you a higher rate of response

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Integrate AR into your marketing campaigns to improve your customer experience and how they interact with your brand in new and inventive ways.

360 degree videos

Provide your customers the experience of viewing your product or service in a 360-degree video for a stand-out experience


Using VR is a powerful way to keep your customers engaged and we can helpyou design a VR experience for your brand

Chat Bots

Leverage chatbots as the incredible tool that they are and better serve your customers

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We, at FLC Digital have a network of reliable influencers and micro influencers that we work with regularly and we ensure that we will find the right influencer mix that is most apt for your brand.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has transformed gradually into a valid marketing strategy that every brand must consider adding to their marketing mix since it can have real business impact.

Blogger outreach

We ensure that we get the right exposure for a product or service from established bloggers.

Influencer campaigns

We support your brand right from defining campaign goals and objectives to total campaign execution.

Celebrity meet n’ greet

We plan exclusive meet ups with influencers keeping your brand central to the event